Monday, April 4, 2011

Government Shutdown: Line in the Sand for the American Voter

There have been many news articles about the possibility of a government shutdown and each takes about the outcome for the political parties. They all ask the same question, "Who will lose in 2012?" Many feel that Republicans will lose if the government shuts down. Some say the Democrats would lose.

I do not think it is really the case of win or lose for the parties. I believe it is a question of resolve for the American people. If we truly believe in deep cuts across all programs including defense and entitlements, then the American people need to support their representatives and senators by telling them to cut and cut deep.

I believe that the American public is not serious about cutting. In a recent poll, 80% of Americans believe that Social Security should not be touched at all. 64% believe that we need to cut waste. They have learned the words of politicians. Inside of making hard decisions, they have opted to take the less controversial position of cutting waste. Well, that's not going to do it. We need to make deep cuts and all programs should be on the table. Each should be examined and, if necessary, axed.

Are we as taxpayers going to allow Congress to enter into compromises just so they can get re-elected? If you truly believe in cutting spending deeply, tell your representatives and senators to cut and cut deeply. Tell they that you will support and vote for them in 2012, because they took a stand for fiscal responsibility.