Thursday, February 5, 2009

$150 Million in Stimulus Package for Honeybee Insurance

Yes, boys and girls, there is a line item in the stimulus package for honeybee insurance for $150 million. The stimulus package, at this point, is now sitting at a whopping $920 billion.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the need for the honeybee and that 1/3 of our food depends on the honeybee to pollinate our crops. My morning breakfast of oatmeal is sweetened with clover honey which I enjoy. However, I don't see the need to stuff yet another line item in the stimulus package for some special interest segment.

President Obama took on corporations and said that executives need to have their salaries capped at $500,000 and that the money given to them in loans cannot and will not be spent on executive bonuses. I agree with you, President Obama. There needs to be oversight on the money. Banks are using it to pay their executives and stockholders money while they refuse to lend money to businesses.

The porn industry has asked for $5 billion dollars in loans to prop up their businesses due to people cutting back on their porn spending. It seems like every industry has their hands out for the free money from the government. Since I can't find a job, I think I should apply for part of the stimulus package. I need only a couple of million dollars that's all. I should probably call my senators, Kay and John, and ask them about my check. They will probably tell me, "It's in the mail."

I included a link to the news segment on the honeybee insurance so you can see what's all the buzz about.


  1. Billions going to fat cat bankers and every one is picking on 150 million for honey bees that will actually increase agriculture employment bu a few thousand workers... Please Please lynch the banker not the bee keeper

  2. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy honey with my oatmeal and I also cook with it. Instead of looking at priorities for the nation, industries just decided that there was money to be made. Another example of people asking for money is the adult entertainment business. Since people were cutting their spending, the porn industry saw a downturn in their revenues. People like Larry Flynt and "Girls Gone Wild" king Joe Francis asked for $5 billion in bailout money. The US porn industry generated $12 billion in sales in 2007 and the claim is that the industry needs the money, in the words of Larry Flynt, "to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America." Should we give the porn industry $5 billion dollars? I don't think so.
    Whether it is bees or B-girls, it is my opinion that the stimulus money was just spent to without thought and consideration for the American taxpayer.

  3. I'm both a small business owner and a recent 'backyard'bee keeper AND an avid 'anti-stimulus' person. When I tell folks about what I do, they are much more interested about the beekeeping aspect of my life than anything else. You would not believe the incredible questions I get, i.e. 'Don't the bees just hang out in the trees? Do you keep them inside during the winter?" etc.
    Lets get you all some facts, at least as far as they concern local and backyard apiaries:
    Putting on hives is expensive, i.e. several hundred dollars a year per hive. Honey flow only occurs, at least in the mid-Atlantic and northern states, for 5-8 weeks max out of the whole year. Beekeepers need to either leave a large portion of the honey on for their hive to survive the winter, or they have to supplement with feed throughout the year (sugar and water). Of course, one cannot supplement during the time when the honey meant for consumption is being gathered, for it will be adulterated. Nor can one medicate for varoa mites, nosema, or a whole bunch of other diseases and parasites. As costs rise, hives die, diseases increase, and people lose touch with how life really works, fewer folks stay in beekeeping. For many of us, it is truly a labor of love, without monetary upside, but real joy in watching these girls keep the world we all enjoy 'humming'.
    As to pollination, besides our food crops, honey bees fertilize many species of trees,shrubs and flowers that shade our homes, prevent run-off, etc.
    Another interesting note is that bees react differently and immediately to chemicals in their environment. This has prompted the military to study them in order to understand how they so effectively alert to toxins undetectable by our man-made systems.
    In sum, it seems to me that it might be helpful for all those who see this as a boon doggle for beekeepers to actually spend some time educating themselves about these amazing creatures. An understanding of just how inextricably our lives are linked to their survival might have all of you lobbying congress this instant to scrap all of the other stimulus monies and focus on the one 'industry' that takes only what is offered naturally while giving back more than it takes, leaves no footprints, respects the environment, and ensures that you, your pets, your hobbies, your loves, your world continues to survive.

  4. Bee colonies all over the U.S. are dying from an as-yet unexplained disease called Colony Collapse Syndrome . . . without bees a huge sector of agriculture would collapse.

    Sean Hannity and the other clowns at Faux News are either ignorant themselves or counting on the ignorance of their audience.