Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Good News for a Change: Foreclosure Rate Down

According to RealtyTrac, US foreclosure rate fell 10% from December. I am hoping that the efforts that are being taken are helping. The foreclosure rate is still 18% over last year's rate.

When I got my haircut yesterday, I listened to people talk about the bailout package, the stimulus package and the jobs that the government is supposed to create. Each person was still skeptical about the government's involvement in the private sector. Some felt that the government shouldn't be meddling in the business. Their thinking was that if the government can't control itself, how do they expect to control business. Good point.

Although I tend to write negatively about the government and other issues, I am, for the most part, optimistic. I guess the better way of saying it would be "cautiously optimistic". I hate to be a doubting Thomas, but given the past track record of our congress and administrations as well as the CEOs of the banking and auto manufacturers, I'm still very nervous about the future. I still think we are lacking one big thing, confidence.

I feel that all of the experts are just shooting in the dark at times and hoping that a miracle occurs. That's not a great way to run things, but if you got nothing, it's, at least, something. For the sake of our nation, I hope the experts are right.

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