Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting Thing about Earmarks

I was reading an article by CNN talking about earmarks and how they have been given a bad reputation. The one thing that struck me was the fact that the majority party gets 60% of the earmark money and that the minority gets 40%.

Both parties are feeding at the trough. The only difference is which one gets more than the other. Each time we have a changing of the guard we are told that things will be different and spending will be controlled and things will change. It is the same tired, old rhetoric every single time. I think both parties should simply do a video clips on Youtube and just point us to them each time they take power.

I keep hearing the same things. "Things will be different." "There's a new sheriff in town." "We are going to change things." Don't get me wrong. I'm not singling out Democrats or Republicans. I'm calling out the whole lot of them. Both sides of the aisle have been guilty of it. I have talked with people in barber shops and coffee houses. They all say the same thing. Both parties are to blame.

I remember when I was growing up when Democrats would blame Republicans and Republicans would blame Democrats. Now, everyone I talk with today blames both parties for not doing what is necessary. We have too much free spending of our tax dollars and not enough fiscal responsibility. Government has gotten too big and it is worming its way further and further into our lives.

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