Friday, July 10, 2009

Stimulus Waste? The $3.4 Million Turtle Crossing

Don't get me wrong. I like turtles; however, state governments are just grabbing money and wasting it. The money is supposed to stimulate business and create jobs. Instead of funding projects that creates ongoing jobs, I see more and more projects that create short-term jobs and nothing more.

The President named Biden as his watchdog regarding the stimulus package. So far, I have been unimpressed and we are now talking about a second stimulus package.

Stimulus Waste? The $3.4 Million Turtle Crossing - ABC News

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  1. Senator Coburn and the GOP have misrepresented the so-called turtle tunnels from the get go. Coburn originally portrayed this project as a 13 foot tunnel. Well, it turns out that the tunnel is 152 feet long. The project actually calls for three tunnels, representing less than 7% of the project's budget. More importantly, 2 miles of barrier walls will be constructed on each side of a 4-lane divided highway. This highway was built by the feds through the middle of a lake - not any lake but Florida’s only aquatic preserve. The Lake Jackson Ecopassage accomplishes three very important goals: (1) it protects motorists from thousands of animals (representing over 60 species) moving back and forth over the highway (including 40 pound turtles and 8 foot long alligators); (2) it protects wildlife and rights the wrong that was committed many decades ago when this highway was put through a protected wetlands; and (3) it will create the equivalent of 200 construction-related jobs for a year. This is a great project and it is frustrating to hear the GOP touting this as a boondoggle. Sure, you are free to disagree with this project, but at least do it based on the real facts - not a bunch of misinformation googled by Coburn staffers in Oklahoma.

    Here's the deal. This project was in the pipeline to be funded next year. Rather than wait, stimulus money moved this project up a year so the construction folks who are starved for work would have employment for a year. Yes, permanent jobs would be great but that's the nature of transportation improvement projects - they keep people in that sector employed from one project to the next.

  2. Ron, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. You are right. We can disagree, but I am so glad that you created a great response to my comments. I had to set my comments to moderated due to some of the offense responses I have received. I have to admit I really appreciate your response and it gives me a lot to think about. Ron, you keep up the great work. Debates should be done in civil and intelligent words rather offensive language. If you were running for President, I would seriously consider voting for you.

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