Friday, March 19, 2010

"Cornhusker" Out, More Deals In: Health Care Bill Gives Special Treatment - 'Cornhusker' Out, More Deals In: Health Care Bill Gives Special Treatment

Democrats unveiling revisions Thursday to their health care overhaul bill decided to kill the extra $100 million in Medicaid funds for Nebraska that has become a symbol of backdoor deal making. But the 153 pages of changes to the massive health care package include extra money for several other states.

My Thoughts
The President and his buddies in Congress will do whatever it takes to make this unwanted bill a law. I honestly believe that Congressmen are holding out their votes so that they can get a sweetheart deal for their states. It is morally reprehensible for anyone during this economic downturn to take more money for their state's just to stay in office.

Do you honestly think that spending all of this money is going to solve the health care issues we have. In a recent survey by the New England Medical Journal, 46% of the doctors surveyed said that they will leave their profession due to the headache that this health care bill will cause once it becomes law.

The CBO points out that the government will will save up to $138 billion over 10 years once this becomes law. Explain to me how a government that prides itself on overspending and missing the mark on every project is able to save money. I think it is never going to save that money and will most likely overspend.

With $38 trillion dollars in unfunded liability in Medicare, we will just simply accelerate the insolvency of the program with this bill.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that we need to reform the health care industry; however, it needs to be done slowly and done with the intent of truly helping people rather than using it as a political legacy. The President has made it quite clear to the rank and file that his presidency is at stake and that they need to come to his aid and not to the aid of the nation.

I predict that this bill will be passed either by a vote or through the "deeming" process (aka Slaughter solution). If it passes, I know that Americans will rise up and vote out the incumbents. All are tired of the games played by Washington. So much for transparency and change. Didn't someone during the presidential elections promise those things?

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