Friday, March 18, 2011

The Cost to Buy Presidential Election has Gone Up

Obama's campaign manager is urging donor to give $350,000 each. According at recent CNN article, Obama would have over $1 billion for his re-election campaign.

I am sure he will receive that much money and more. Between the labor and teachers unions, he will be rolling in cash. If he gets re-elected, the unions will change their strangehold on the US to a deathgrip. Our country will belong to the unions.

Socialist and communists are aligning themselves with the unions to push their agenda to destroy the free enterprise system and force people to join their cause. All those who even think about voicing their opinion will be bullied.

In the recent events in Wisconsin, we witnessed the tactics of the socialists and communists as they infiltrated the rank and file of the teachers unions. Big labor under the command of Richard Trumka provided resources to push his agenda.

Trumka was asked about his visits to the White House and how many times he gets to spew his rhetoric into the ears of advisors.

Do you believe his arrogance?

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