Friday, December 23, 2011

Nike's New Air Jordans Causing Shopping Frenzy Across US

Shoppers stood in long lines through the night to get their hands on the $180 retro version of the Air Jordan basketball shoes by Nike.

In several instances at malls, violence broke out. At a suburban shopping mall in Seattle, police had to use pepper spray on about 20 customers to break up a a fright. In Lithonia, Georgia, at least 4 people were arrested for breaking down a store's door. One woman, in Atlanta, Georgia, left here two children in the car to buy the shoes. Police had to break the car's glass to get the toddlers.

In Taylor, Michigan, 100 people forced their way into a shopping center and damaged decorations and overturned benches.

At Hilltop Mall in Richmond, CA, shots were fired around 6AM. An estimated 3,000 people were in line.

In Austin, Texas, at least 3 people including a police officer were injured at local malls. Almost 2,000 people were reported each at Barton Creek and Highland malls.

In addition to the violence, people are selling the shoes on eBay for as much as $500.

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