Friday, March 23, 2012

Do Nothing Pipeline

President Obama, while standing in front of rows and rows of pipeline, vowed that the southern leg for the Keystone XL pipeline will be built and that he will accelerate its approval.

Obama has no say in the acceleration of the pipeline. The only thing he can stop, which he has, is the building of the section of the Keystone XL which comes in from Canada to the US. International pipelines require the president's authorization. Interstate pipelines do not require his approval at all. So, the section that Obama will push through goes from Cushing, Oklahoma to Houston, Texas with nothing to pump through it. We will have a pipeline that will have nothing running through it.

Obama has stopped that part of the pipeline and will not approval. In a recent Gallup poll, 57% of Americans approve of the Keystone XL pipeline. 44% of Democrats approve of the pipeline.

With gas prices jumping 30 cents in one month and ten states already seeing $4 per gallon at the pump, the president's re-election hopes are dwindling with each penny increase in fuel. Fuel is not the only thing on the raise. Food prices are climbing as well.

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