Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top Five Highest-Paid, Worst-Performing CEOs

Top Five Highest-Paid, Worst-Performing CEOs - ABC News

The CEOs, all of whom saw compensation in excess of $30 million each in 2008, are:
Abercrombie & Fitch: Michael S. Jeffries, $71.8 million
BJ Services Company, J.W. Stewart: $34.6 million
Comcast Corp., Brian L. Roberts: $40.8 million
International Paper, John V. Faraci: $38.2 million
Nabors Industries, Eugene M. Isenberg: $79.3 million

Investor returns for these companies all dropped at least 20 percent for the one-year period ending this past June. For Abercrombie, BJ and Nabors, the drops were closer to 60 percent.

This is absolutely wonderful. While people are getting laidoff by the thousands, these guys get bonused for poor performance and for saving money by laying people off.

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