Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting Comment Today About Unemployment from my YouTube Video

While I was working on my YouTube account, I found a request for approving a comment for one of my videos talking about my unemployment. I have pasted the comment exactly as written.

stop wiening and enjoy it, iv been getting unemploment for two years and its great, iv been fishing and boating everyday, chilling with sluts at the beach,

I left out the personal attack portion due to the obscene language.

I have listened to all of the comments made on radio talk shows about extending unemployment for 2 years and further discussions about extending it even further. I have defended the unemployment benefits for those who truly needed them. Unfortunately, we have people like this who abuse the system and treat the unemployment benefits as an entitlement. The 111th Congress passed a $56 billion extension to the unemployment benefits. Instead of paying for it using the unspent funds from the stimulus package, Congress added it to our national debt.

This comment actually made me sick. I understand that there will always be people who abuse federal programs designed to help those in need. I took unemployment and it helped me over a lot of financial problems. Needless to say, I worked very hard to find a job. I sent out almost 1,700 resumes and completed 800 applications.

I thank God each and every day for the blessings of a job.

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU! People are steady raising cane about the unemployment extensions, we did earn it! I work 15 years straight and I would still be working if I didn't get laid off I was making $ they have closed all the factories here in dayton oh. Only creating construction jobs thats no help to us this city is dead! I don't hear anyone complaining about the people thats on welfare and has been for years and still continuing to birth children they get low income housing get help with bills foodstamps, medical some people have 8 to 9 kids back to back and has never had a job! then income tax time they sell their children ssn to someone and collects $500 for each one. so stop whinning! they owe it to us until they provide some jobs to replace ours and not with these little $8hr jobs TAKE THAT1!!!