Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tragedy in Tucson Exploited!

I heard the sheriff of Pima County blaming talk radio and Rush Limbaugh for causing people to take matters into their hands. The people of Westboro Baptist Church are planning to protest at the funerals of the six people who were killed. Gun control advocates are now saying that we need to ban high-capacity clips.

I am absolutely tired of everyone using this tragedy to advance their political position. Although I may disagree with the President, I do agree with what he had said about coming together. We do not need to take this horrible situation and turn it into a circus.

There are people who want to control free speech. Do you remember what the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, said about the government controlling grammar? If we start to control speech, we are doing exactly what Loughner said the government is doing. I have even heard some people wanting to ban Mein Kampf and burning the Communist Manifesto. I have read both books. Does that make me a crazy homicidal lunatic? No, it does not. Think about Charles Manson. He said that the Beatles' songs were talking to him about revolution. Should me destroy all of the Beatles' music? How about Son of Sam? He said that his dog was telling him to kill people. Do we kill all of the dogs? Look at Charles Whitman, the University of Texas gunman, or George Jo Hennard, the man who killed 24 people in Killeen, Texas, in 1991. Both of them just decided to go on a rampage and take their anger out on innocent people.

There are people who wake up hating the world and decide to do something horrible. We can try to prevent these things from happening, but they do happen. We need to learn from the situation and do something constructive. We do not need to make it a point to use the tragedy as a method for pointing fingers.

We should mourn the dead, learn from the situation and work TOGETHER to make sure that this does not happen again. It is fine that we can disagree about political issues, but we cannot resort to finger pointing, name calling and censorship. We need to discuss things as adults and not act like spoiled children.

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