Monday, January 19, 2009

Bush commutes border patrol agents' sentences

President George W. Bush, in a final act of clemency, commuted the prison sentences of two U.S. Border Patrol agents but steered clear of any high-profile pardons for former vice presidential aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby and others.

Bush commuted the 11-year prison sentence of Ignacio Ramos and the 12-year sentence of Jose Alonso Compean, who were tried for shooting an unarmed Mexican drug smuggler in the buttocks in a case in Texas that drew widespread attention.
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I am glad that the President granted clemency to these 2 border agents. They were tried and convicted for doing their job. I completely disagreed with the prosecuting attorney's position on this case.

Are we to simply allow people to flood across our borders and not even try to stop them? The agents got 11 and 12 years for trying to stop a known drug smuggler from coming into our country. They didn't kill him. He refused to stop and they stopped him.

President Bush, thank you for granting clemency to these two agents.

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