Monday, January 12, 2009

Whoopee Cushions, Fake Vomit and Rubber Dog Turds

I recently got a novelty catalogue in the mail. In it, there were whoppie cushions and fake vomit as well as rubber dog turds. The one thing that amazed me is that the prices for these items remained the same from last year and the year before.

My wife read me an article last night that stated that the price of wheat has skyrocketed and 40 million more people are going hungry due to speculative buying. Is it just me, but shouldn't we be asking ourselves why people go hungry while we purchase rubber dog turds. Is there that big of a market for rubber dog turds? People are starving and we are content to continue to buy garbage products for no apparent reason other than we think it is funny.

Is it really that funny? If you purchase a rubber dog turd, you find that it is made in China. We are actually employing people in China to make rubber dog doodie. We are also paying to have these essential items for living shipped over via cargo ships. I honestly can't see why we are spending so much on manufacturing, shipping, marketing, distributing, selling and shipping of rubber dog turds, fake vomit and whoopee cushions.

Has the America free market and capitalism sunk so low to outsource these novelty items out to China? Is it possible that Americans are unwilling to work in factory to make rubber dog turds for our enjoyment? Instead of wasting our money and resources on rubber dog turds, we could do something else like make plates that can be used to feed homeless individuals or something along those lines.

It amazes me that we will spend money on a rubber dog turd for a few seconds of laughter and not even a single penny to ease human suffering. Sad.

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