Thursday, January 29, 2009

With no job and 5 kids, 'better to end our lives,' man wrote

Once again, unemployment takes its toll on the American family. This time the toll was quite costly. A man killed his wife, 5 children and then himself. Ervin Antonio Lupoe faxed a letter to a Los Angeles television station, KABC, detailing his problems and hopelessness. Mr. Lupoe concludes his letter by saying the following:

"Is there no hope for a widow's son?"

Is there no hope for anyone during these tough times? The government says that they are working on it. Companies are showing no confidence in the economy and laying off more and more people. This week alone companies announced 70,000 more job cuts with more on the way. No one has any confidence in our system and things are looking like they are getting worse.

Gas prices are on the rise again. People are facing uncertainty at every turn and no one really seems to care. In a few weeks, we will forget about Mr. Lupoe and his family and go about our merry way as if nothing happened until we see another tradegy occur.

When will this end? When will we as a nation come to the aid of other people? This should not have happened. We all are to blame for this man's actions. According to counselors at a Los Angeles suicide call-in center, they say many of the calls they're getting these days are about lapsed health insurance, foreclosures, bank problems and unemployment benefits.

I, too, face the same things as well. Since I'm a type 2 diabetic, no, and I do mean NO, insurance company is willing to even touch me. They push me back to the state to the high risk pool with premiums so high I can't even consider paying. My COBRA benefits are a joke. They will only cover me for 60 days and after that, I will continue to pay until the money runs out.

We all are waiting for relief, but it looks like it will never come. I'm not talking about government relief. I'm talking about everyone, business and individuals, coming together and working this out. Hospitals and medical programs working together to get people the coverage they need. I guess I'm expecting way too much from people.

Did we forget about how things were? People worked together and solved problems rather than sitting around waiting for the government to move. I guess bought into the lie that the government is here to help us. All I know is that the government has no problem helping itself to the cash in my wallet.

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