Thursday, December 2, 2010

House Passes Middle-Class Tax Cut

Once again, the Democrats are working over time to make the Republicans look bad. This vote was not for the American people. It was a political ploy to see if the Republicans would cave to the Democrat rhetoric. I think John Boehner hit the nail right on the head when he referred to this political maneuvering as "chicken crap". I would have certainly given him more points if he had used the expletive to underscore the Democrats and their ploys.

I am absolutely tired of this whole routine. If I were in Congress, I would have told the Democrats that it is all or nothing. Let it be on their head. I don't care if you are rich or poor. Everyone needs to pay their fair share. I remember when Teresa Heinz held a meeting after she had her taxes done by her accountants and lawyers. She lamented that it was sad that she didn't have to pay a lot in taxes. Warren Buffet said that the rich need to be taxed more. I say this. There is no law or IRS regulation that makes anyone take a deduction. If you enjoy paying more in taxes, please be my guest and pay more. I believe in paying for the government; however, I do not enjoy seeing it wasted on earmarks and ballooning the government with more employees especially if they are union people.

Last year, nearly 50% of the taxpayers did not pay taxes. I say that is wrong. Everyone must pay their fair and just share of taxes. If the government will retain the Bush-era tax cuts for all AND stop the binge spending by writing a budget and sticking to it, we will see our income take off.

Let us stop the rhetoric and get to work! If the Congress refuses, call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202)224-3121 and ask for your senators' and/or representative's office. Reminder your senators and representatives that you will remember their voting record in 2012. Remember, they work for you. Term limits already exist. The process is called voting.

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