Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Temporary Extensions of the Bush-era Tax Cuts at What Cost

President Obama and the Democrats came up with a compromise on the tax cuts. There would be a 2 year extension on the tax cuts for all. However, the Republicans must approve of a 13-month extension to the unemployment benefits. That is a 151 weeks of unemployment. Do you believe this? I know that we have to help the unemployed. I ought to know. I was laid off and could not find a job for almost 17 months. I appreciated the help, but I also realize that the benefit needs to come to an end sometime.

The big question is funding. Pelosi said that we would use deficit spending for this worthy cause of helping the unemployed. She also said a couple of days ago that for every dollar spent on the unemployed, it returns to $2 to the economy. I think she is smoking some of the wacky weed from her own state of California. In order to deal with this, I think we all need to start smoking to try to understand this and the mindset of the free-spending liberal Congress.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this extension will cost the American taxpayer a whopping $56 billion over 10 years and since we need to fund this program, it will come from deficit spending. You know what that means. Our national debts grows again. Do you know that we already spend $31.9 billion PER MONTH on just interest payments on our debt? Think about it this way. We pay in one month to service our debt what an average government agency costs to run for 1 year. If you aren't scared yet, you have already smoking the same stuff Pelosi is smoking.

Wake up, America! I know that we are charitable to a fault and we want to help those who are in need. But, we need to do it in a better way. Give them back their dignity and put them back to work. Stimulate the economy by extending the tax breaks permanently. Slash the budgets. Yes, I advocate looking at the entitlement programs and defense. Those programs suck more money out of the budget than any others. These are hard times, ladies and gentlemen. We have to do things that we do not like doing.

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