Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tax Breaks for the Wealthy: Another Democrat Party Ploy

The only reason the Democrats are forcing these votes is paint the Republicans as defenders of the wealthy. To be honest, I believe that the Democrats don't want any of the Bush-era tax cuts to pass. They want the revenue that will be generated when the tax break expires. Democrats are not interested in getting the economy back on track. They are more interested in turning our great nation into a full-blown welfare state and they do not care how they do it. They see the $700 billion in government revenue that will fund their agenda.

Look at what they are doing. If the Republicans do not vote for the President's plan, they get painted as the guardians of the wealthy. If they vote for it, the Republicans look like a bunch of political push-overs. In the end, the Democrats are looking to win 2012 by forcing the Republicans to vote no to the middle-class tax breaks. I can already see each Democrat running in 2012 snapping up all of the audio clips of Republicans saying no to the tax breaks.

Democrats time after time use the class card to divide and conquer their enemies. Take a look at their arguments against the tea parties, Republicans in general or, for that matter, anyone who has a brain and voice to speak against them.

As I have said before, I am a conservative first and foremost when it comes to politics. I believe in working together to solve problems. However, I'm not a doormat. I will speak out against both parties.

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