Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gas Prices Up Again?

When will we learn? I don't understand why gas prices are going up. There hasn't been a major interruption in the flow of oil. If fact, oil stockpiles are higher than they ever were. From where I'm sitting, I see my old friend, Greed, tucking a napkin under his chin and gorging himself.

It seems that investors see the economy improving and want to take advantage of the public once again. Investors see the summer driving season as an excuse to push gas prices up and make a killing off of us. Are we going to stand for it? I say keep conserving and drive down the prices. Until we move forward with a true energy program for our nation, we will suffer more and more at the hands of greed.

As I had said before, I'm not a communist or socialist. I'm believe in free markets, but when people get taken advantage of just for a few more cents per share, I got a serious problem with that. Many Americans are losing their jobs for just a few more cents per share. When gas and diesel prices dropped, did you see the cost of food drop? No, they didn't. They are staying right where they are. As Americans, we have always been able to sacrifice for the good of the nation, but we haven't done that. Why is that? It goes back to that same thing I just mentioned. Companies want a few more cents per share.