Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Politics as Usual?

If there is one term I absolutely hate, it is "politics as usual". Why are we willing to accept things as they are? During this mid-term election, I have seen so many cases of dirty politics and people tend to dismiss it as something that always happens when two people run for office.

It doesn't have to be that way. I refuse to abide by those who accept these practices and will not tolerate it in any candidate I choose to vote for. If a candidate wants to engage in dirty politics and smear campaigns, I will not vote for him. Instead of telling the American voter where they stand on issues, they are more interested in denigrating their opponents. I believe that any candidate who engages in that sort of politics is someone we do not want to represent us.

A candidate that will do anything to win is one that will do anything to stay in office. That candidate will sell his soul for re-election and fail to represent the people who put him in office.

If I were running for office, I would state my position clearly and let the voters know where I stand on any issue. If I lose, I lose with a clear conscience. If I win, then I know that the people I represent believe that I will keep my word and do what I said I would do.

So, my words to any candidate running for any office. Be honest. Stay on message. Let your opponent know that you will not engage in dirty political tricks. State clearly, "I am a person of integrity and will not dignify a smear campaign with a response. I am above that. I will work to address the issues and formulate a solution."

I would vote for that candidate in a heartbeat.

Friday, October 15, 2010

No Congressional Budget, But...

The Obama administration is set to announce today, October 15th, that the federal budget will exceed $1 trillion for the second straight year.

The Congressional Budget Office projects a budget deficit of $1.29 trillion for the 2010 fiscal year which ended on September 30th.

With all of the spending going on with "shovel-ready" projects and earmarks for all, I would have figured our income would be roaring down the road at breakneck speeds. No, it is quite the opposite. With first time jobless claims increasing by 13,000 which was reported yesterday, it seems that all of the money that was spent did not do much to stimulate the economy. It did, however, stimulate a spending frenzy with Congress and the President. $50 billion for teachers and more his union buddies.

Additionally, Congress has not submitted a budget. I guess they do not want the public to know what we are in store for prior to the mid-term elections. I hope and pray that the American public rises up and votes them all out of office.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Respect for the WWII Memorial

This past weekend we saw a host of organizations come together at the Lincoln Memorial to protest capitalism. The rally was called "One Nation". Look at how they treated the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC. This is absolutely appalling.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Environmental Campaign to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Take a look at the video created by the people behind the “10:10″ campaign. This movement is trying to encourage people to reduce their carbon consumption by 10 percent in 2010. This organization has been forced to pull their controversial new advertisement from the internet after widespread public outcry. The gruesome 4-minute ad depicts global warming skeptics being literally blown to pieces after their tree-hugging friends insist they’re under “no pressure” to modify their carbon consumption.

WARNING: This video is very disturbing. But, it does demonstrate how far an extremist organization will go to force their viewpoint down people's throats.

Shocking Comments from Virginia Ironside

How can anyone say something like this and say it with no thought or feeling?

Before you listen to the comments, please make sure your children are not in the room.