Saturday, May 15, 2010

BP Exec: Gulf of Mexico "Relatively Tiny" Compared to "Very Big Ocean" - BP Exec: Gulf of Mexico 'Relatively Tiny' Compared to 'Very Big Ocean'

If Tony Hayward, the chief executive at BP, is trying to win points with the American people, he isn't doing a great job by making comments like this.

I know that accidents happen on drilling rigs; however, the response from our own government and BP has been laughable to say the least. The government in 1995 created a plan to handle such events. It required use of booms used to collect and burn off the oil. However, the government never purchased the booms and the only company in the US that makes them only had 1 in stock.

Great. Just another example of how our government "protects" us. We had a plan, but we didn't follow it.

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