Monday, June 13, 2011

Tired of Anthony Weiner

Every time I turn on the television or radio, there is yet another story about Anthony Weiner. I am so tired of hearing about him and how he sent lewd messages and digital photographs of himself to women.

With a bad economy and unemployment at 9.1%, we need to be working on getting people employed and improving the economy. Instead, we are spending too much time talking about Weiner and his escapades.

The Republicans need to stay on message and stop talking about Weiner. He has already shot himself in the foot and will be a perfect candidate to beat in 2012. Let me stay in office and bet him in 2012. Additionally, let the Democrats do the chopping. Let them waste their time talking about Weiner. Republicans have a perfect opportunity to take back the White House and win the Senate. STAY ON MESSAGE! It is all about the economy, stupid!