Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Tax Day has Come and Gone

I read an article several years ago that stated that Americans spend a total of 300 million man hours to complete their taxes. That is equivalent to all three of the US auto makers producing vehicles for one year. I talked to people from other countries and they said that their income tax systems are worse than ours. I can't even imagine just how complicated their systems are.

As for me, I would prefer moving to a consumption tax. When you consider just how complicated our system, they has to be a better way. I have looked at the "Fair Tax" plan and thought about a consumption tax. To be quite honest, I know that I have to pay for the government, but no matter what system we choose. There must be a change to the spending habits of our local, state and federal governments.

I think that a simplified tax system could be created. When Steve Forbes ran for the White House, he wanted a simplified tax system. I think he was on to something. You could just have a simple flat tax.

Right now, I'm opened to anything that will reduce the amount of time we spend on taxes and wonder in we got the right answer when we sign our forms.

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