Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Democrat Party Calling for Dirt

In an article from the Dallas Morning News entitled "Anger management and Rep. Ciro Rodriguez', I read that that DNC has put out a call for ALL Democrats to use their cell phone video cameras to capture Republicans saying embarrassing things and to post them immediately to websites.

Do you believe this? When confronted with the possible loss of the House and even the remote loss of the Senate during the mid-term, the response from the Democrats is to dig up dirt on Republicans. Instead of standing on their records, they are content in engaging in dirty politics. Why aren't they standing on their records?

Let's look at the record of this Congress. Uncontrolled spending, TARP, the stimulus package that did nothing and, of course, health care reform.

When asked about their records, they respond defensively and scream at the constituents and state that they were provoked by members of the tea party movement. Here's a prime example of the defensive positioning of Democrats.

Ciro Rodriguez in Texas blew up when a constituent called him out on health care and corrected him on his figures. She was right about the numbers. Judge for yourself.

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