Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama Says Voting Is The Best Revenge

This comment shows only one thing. The President is not interested in the welfare of the economy or anything else for that matter. He is interested in only one thing: staying in the White House.

When hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi, Louisiana, Bahamas, South Florida, Cuba, Alabama, Florida Panhandle and Eastern North America, President Bush was pounded by the media for not acting fast enough. People in New Orleans were suffering for only 2 days before FEMA began to respond.

The media bias is very evident with President Obama. They have not even kicked up an uproar. It tooks days before FEMA was providing gasoline. There are sections of New Jeresy and New York where people are still without power, food and water. Some are having to eat out of dumpsters. Days and days have gone by and the government's response has been less than stellar. But, the media does not ask why the lack of response.

As the old Hillary Clinton campaign ad asks, "Who do you want answering the phone?"

Think about all of the other times.

Then presidential candidate Obama told us that there would transparency in his administration. What did we get? Closed door sessions and debates on health care. We got the "Cornhusker Kickback" and "Louisiana Purchase" that bought the votes needed to ram Obamacare through Congress. In a debate with Mitt Romney, President Obama said that he liked the term, Obamacare. Why not? It is his legacy.

President Obama promised us a way out of the recession and that we would see unemployment at 5.2% by now. What did we get? Unemployment sitting at 7.9%. 23 million Americans out of work. 47 million on food stamps up from 32 million. Disability claims rising as some people elect to go on disability, because they have exhausted their unemployment benefits.

Presidential candidate Obama promised that he would cut the deficit by half in his first term. What did we get? Each year during his administration the government has run a trillion plus dollar deficit. The government spent almost $400 billion just on interest payment on the $16 trillion national debt. The government is still running without a budget since he took office.

These are all facts and his words. President Obama, on the campaign trail, calls into question Mitt Romney's character and tells us that we cannot believe him. Really, Mr. President?

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