Thursday, January 15, 2009

House to seek $825 billion in economic stimulus

Just when you thought Congress was finished with spending money. The House is pushing a $825 billion economic stimulas package. This is crazy. More money. Where is it coming from? I guess we are just printing more money.

I got a better idea. Why does not Congress have the treasury department provide each America with perfect photos of ten and twenty dollar bills. We could print the money ourselves. We would be saving government time and money by allowing us to print the money and spend it. We cut out the middle man.

I am certainly not advocating counterfeiting. However, the government is spending money we do not have. Sooner or later, we will need to pay this money back. Does this really make sense?

Maybe the government should consider a different model. How about the trickle up theory? The government would issues checks to every taxpayer for $200,000 and they can use it to buy off bills or their mortgages. The money would go to the corporations and they in turn would pay taxes on their income. This plan seems as reasonable as the government's current plan of borrowing more money and spending it like a drunken sailor on shoreleave.

Congress, where are your heads? Has reason hopped on the last train out of Washington?

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