Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Money to the Banks!

I was reading an AP article, "Treasury secretary says market won't solve problem", and learned that there is $135 billion dollars in bailout money left and that more money may need to be provided to the banks.

When is this going to stop? I am all for working out a plan to save the economy especially if it means that I will get a job. (Yes, I am still unemployed. In April, I will be on my fourth month of being unemployed.) However, I do not want to see us building up more and more debt.

To be quite honest, I do not believe the analysts or the treasury secretary has a clue on how to save the economy. Don't look at me for a solution. I just enjoy poking holes in other people's plans. However, something has to give. Companies are still scared to hire people. I have heard from several people the same story. They have interviewed and are just waiting for the company to move forward on hiring. They won't, because they are scared to hire people with the economy the way it is.

I applied for a job in early January with a company looking for a program manager to manage their vendor channels. That job matched my skills perfectly. I contacted the HR department and finally got an answer. The job is indefinite hold. The whole country is on indefinite hold.

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