Monday, March 23, 2009

Sad State of Affairs: Jobless to Topless

I was reading an article on the Associated Press web page about more women become strippers or going into the adult entertainment business. Click here for the full article.

This is a very sad state of affairs for our nation. According to the article more women with college degrees who were laid off from white-collar jobs are becoming strippers or sending applications to adult magazines like Hustler.

Instead of finding legitimate work of any kind, these women want more money and are willing to sell themselves for cash. If you ask anyone in the strip clubs or adult entertainment industry about exploitation, they will ask you the same question back, "Who is exploiting whom?"

Take a look at it this way. A guy goes to a strip club with $400 in his pocket and after drinking and dances, he leaves with no money in his pocket. The stripper makes a small amount of the money and the rest goes to the club. Like the old adage goes, "the house always wins."

The biggest problem I see with our nation is that we have not learned our lessons over over the past months. We still remain greedy and we want the money to continue to roll in with little or no effort. Being lazy and greedy makes a dangerous combination. It speaks volumes about our culture and our values.

I am truly saddened.

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