Thursday, November 19, 2009

GAO: Stimulus Jobs Data Inaccurate

GAO: Stimulus Jobs Data Inaccurate -

Administration reports that more than 640,000 jobs were created or saved by the government’s $787 billion stimulus program are inaccurate due to flawed reporting from recipients of the money, a report from the Government Accountability Office shows.

About 10% of those jobs – more than 58,000 – were created as the result of projects that so far have reported spending no money, the GAO study issued on Thursday found. Another 10,000 projects that have spent a total of $965 million reported creating no jobs. As many as 10% of stimulus recipients did not report anything to the government’s Recovery Board, the agency created to track the money.

The only benefit I have seen from the stimulus package is the extensions given by the government to my unemployment benefits. So far, I have sent out almost 1200 applications and close to 600 applications. Still nothing, but rejections.

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