Monday, November 30, 2009

Wall Street Journal OpEd Piece Sums Up Feelings on President Obama for Both Arab and US

I was reading a very interesting article about President Obama in the Wall Street Journal. It was an OpEd piece about the Arabs and how they are no longer applauding Obama's efforts.

This article reminds me of the "Saturday Night Live" skit about Obama's "Do Nothing" position.

The last paragraph in the OpEd piece sums up quite nicely the feeling of the Arabs and the citizens of the United States.

The laws of gravity, the weight of history and of precedent, have caught up with the Obama presidency. We are beyond stirring speeches. The novelty of the Obama approach, and the Obama persona, has worn off. There is a whole American diplomatic tradition to draw upon—engagements made, wisdom acquired in the course of decades, and, yes, accounts to be settled with rogues and tyrannies. They might yet help this administration find its way out of a labyrinth of its own making.

For the entire article, click here.

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