Monday, January 18, 2010

Senate Race in Massachusetts

I have been reading articles about the race and its importance. The thing that we need to consider is what length will the Democrats go to in order to protect the Senate health care reform bill.

They have already talked about using the "nuclear option" and they are already discussing acting before Brown takes his seat in the Senate. In either case, Americans will see that all of the talk about change in Washington, DC was more rhetoric and political hot air. Nothing of substance. Just more of the same with the same outcome. Broken promises.

For example, the televised debates on health care that we were promised will never occur. Obama during his campaign promised that those debates would be televised. Now, Congress says, "I'm sorry. We won't do that." Why? Because they will make deals like they did a month ago in order to get this horrible bill to the President's desk.

Many Democrats say the same thing. "Well, the President can't make Congress televise the debate. Remember, there are 3 branches to the government." I don't need a government class to know that. However, the President can strongly influence Congress to do the right thing. He has not done that. The compromise we are given is that we would see about 1 hour of the debate. That's just great.

If I were in Congress, I tell you what I would do. I would have my colleagues get up during the vote and walk out of the chamber and let the news media know that since our voices weren't going to be heard, why waste the time. It would be a grand statement that we have never seen. Voters will re-elect those Senators and Representatives in landslides and the Democrats will be shown the door the next election.

You ask why all of this. Well, with November coming up, House and Senate Democrats up for re-election need to show something to their constituents. They will go back and ignore TARP and the other bailouts that have failed or fizzled. They will tell the voters that they passed health care reform and have given their best to the people. That's why this is so important.

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