Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bird Flu Research and the Stimulus Package

Did you also know that the stimulus package that Congress is working is about $885 billion and that we are spending $870 million on bird flu research. I know I sleep a lot sounder knowing that we are reseaching bird flu. Did you hear about the mass bird flu epedimic of 2009? According to the US government's own website on avian and pandemic flu information, China has reported its 6th case of bird flu this year. Oh, no! Last year, there were 44 cases of bird flu and 33 deaths globally. Nothing reported in the US. Do you realize that more people are killed in auto accidents on a daily basis than all of the bird flu deaths in one year?

Once again, thank your Congressman. You maybe unemployed with no medical insurance or hope for a new job, but you can rest assured that our government is throwing money at really big problems and cannot be worried about the little problems like its people.

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