Friday, February 27, 2009

Pulling Out of Iraq: Difficult Position

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's plan to pull U.S. combat troops out by Aug 31, 2010 may avoid plunging Iraq back into chaos, but Washington will need to use adroit diplomacy to quell fresh conflict between rival Iraqi groups.

Although I really never supported the invasion of Iraq, I, however, do not support just pulling out for fear that we would plunge Iraq into civil war and destabilize the region. I do support a draw down of forces and then finally a complete withdrawal of forces provided that the Iraqi government and all of the factions inside of Iraq are willing to work together to begin the nation together.

The main problems I see are the various factions inside of the country, the increase of the Taliban activity in Afghanistan and Iran. It is a very delicate situation and I certainly do not envy President Obama for making a decision on this. The Iraqi government needs to step up and take control of its destiny. Unfortunately, the factions do not want to work together. Right now, for most of the factions, the United States is a common enemy for most of the factions. I honestly believe that once the United States pulls out of Iraq, the factions will begin to fight with themselves and the country will be plunged into civil war. The United States will return to Iraq to try to stabilize the country and to prevent Iran from overturning the weak government.

This is definitely a very difficult decision. I would like for our soldiers to return home, but I am also very nervous about turning over control to a weak government with warring factions and Iran just waiting to support factions that will align themselves with Iranian government and their goals.

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