Friday, February 6, 2009

Senate Could Vote on Stimulus Package Today

We shall see if the stimulus package will have the votes necessary in the Senate to be passed. The House has already approved an $815 billion measure. The current Senate bill weighs in at more than $900 billion after several amendments were approved, including a provision that would give every home buyer up to $15,000.

One comment I read asked, "How could this be a stimulus package? We are just passing on more debt on to the next generation." That is a very good point. I have never been in favor of the package myself. I think it will not help the economy at all and we will continue to spiral downward even after it is passed.

I honestly believe the economy is doomed to failure at this point. No amount of money is going to stop it. All we are doing is postponing the inevitable. I hate to be pessimistic about this, but until we regain confidence in the economy as a whole, things won't get any better. We look at the unemployment numbers and wonder why. I will tell you why. Most employers have frozen their hiring and are waiting for the economy to straighten itself out. It is going to happen until we all have confidence.

Take a look at Ben and Jerry's. They are completely transparent about their business. Everything is out on the table. Click here for the company information. You have to admire a company that is honest and open about what it does. It is this kind of honesty that will get us out of this.

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