Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Occupy" Protesters Disrupting Operations at Port Terminals

Yesterday, "Occupy" protesters manage to disrupt or shut down some operations at terminal ports located in Oakland, CA, Portland, OR and Longview, WA.

The protesters have said that they will continue their blockade and also ramp up their attempts to completely shut down the ports.

"Occupy" protesters are most upset with SSA Marine and grain exporter EGT. Goldman Sachs, a frequent target of the protesters, owns a major stake in SSA Marine which operates the port terminals.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has asked protesters to go home and allow the longshoremen and truckers to return to work.

"This is joke. What are they protesting?" said Christian Vega, who sat in his truck carrying a load of recycled paper. He said the delay was costing him $600. "It only hurts me and the other drivers.

"We have jobs and families to support and feed," he said. "Most of them don't."

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