Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Co-opted by Unions

Several news agencies and blog sites are reporting more and more union involvement in the disorganized "Occupy Wall Street" protests. One report pointed out that people were being hired by the unions and transported to locations to join the protesters. One reported that these "professional" grassroots protesters were being paid $600 per week.

It was so easy for the unions to take over this movement and use it to shift attention from the real problems. When these demonstrations started, there was no leader or list of proposed changes that everyone agreed to. The movement became nothing more than a mob of people with each member having their own agenda or list of items.

One reporter asked one of the protesters about why he was there. He said that this movement would be the awakening of the global consciousness. What that has to do with a 9.1% unemployment rate and a votility stock market is beyond me.

Given the disorganization and no clear message or leader, the unions see a perfect opportunity to use the mobs to their benefit and push their agenda. Even the leadership inside the Democrats are praising the protesters. They are working to curry favor with them to get them to vote.

Each protester talks about sticking it to the man. People, wake up. There are certain men who are sticking it to you and want to use you like a shill.

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