Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Proposed List of Demands for the Occupy Wall Street Movement

While I was quietly eating my lunch and surfing the Internet, I ran across the proposed list of demands for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. It is very scary and very troubling. I find it very ironic that the protesters want to tear down the very system that provided them with an education, food, clothing, iPhones and the like. Each acts like a spoiled child who throws a fit in a supermarket and threatens to hold his breath.

This list of proposed demands can be viewed by clicking here.

For your convenience, I have listed a brief description of each.

1. Restoration of the living wage. Mr. Hart is asking that the minimum wage be increased to $20/hour and that "free-trade" should be ended. A trade tariff would be imposed on ALL imported goods.

If you think the prices of goods are high now, just think what they would be if this went into effect. OUCH!

2. Institute a universal single payer health care system. Health care insurance companies would be shut down.

In my opinion and from my experience, health care costs would skyrocket. Take a look at what happens when industries are owned and operated by the government. Service goes down hill. Prices go up. If prices do not go up, you can rest assured that rationing will be the result.

3. Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

This is another good one. If you guarantee a wage regarding of employment, why bother working. You do not need to. The government will just hand you a check. If no one works, where does the money to pay the guaranteed living wage come from? Oh, dopey me. What am I thinking? The government will just print more.

4. Free college education.

Once again, why would you need a college education when you are guaranteed a living wage regardless of employment. If my needs are being met, I do not need to worry about advancing myself.

5. Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

Energy costs will skyrocket. Since there is no good way of storing energy from solar or wind, what happens on windless, cloudy days? Since there is no incentive to improve oneself, I guess we will never come up with the solutions needed.

6. One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.

How do we fund this? Do we tax the living wages to the tune of 50-60% or more? If we tax more, then our wages are no longer living wages. Then, we raise the wages again. Then, we tax more. The image that comes to mind is a dog chasing his tail.

7. One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America's nuclear power plants.

Where do we get the money for this? See demand 6.

8. Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

It is not enough to already have laws for this, but we now need an amendment to the Constitution. More laws and regulations. Just what we needed.

9. Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

With everyone running across the borders, what will happen to the infrastructure, health care and forests? They will need to drive on roads. They will need to see doctors. They will need a place to live. The answer is more taxes.

10. Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.

This is a good one. Have you seen the standards in other nations? Most of them are corrupt and do not work. Additionally, when the standards are adhered to, people challenge the results in court. Our legal system is now being tasked with electing our officials.

11. Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all.

This proposed demands talks about ALL debt being erased. If debt is going to be erased and I get a wage regardless of employment, I should be really happy. I guess I need to tell my mortgage company about this one. It should be really excited about this one especially when they lay people off. Oh, I forgot, they get living wages regardless of employment and free education and health care.

12. Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.

This makes sense. If all debt is forgiven, there is no need for credit. No need for credit reporting agencies. What about the folks that work in the industry? Once again, they get free money, education and health care.

13. Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

You have to put something in for the unions. Why? All of the employees would be getting a living wage and health care. Why do you even need unions if there will be a racial and gender equality amendment to the Constitution.

What a list!

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