Sunday, November 27, 2011

Further Discussions regarding the Break Up for the Euro Zone

Germany and France have made a stability pact in order to get the European Central Bank to take a more forceful position and more aggressive stance in combating the euro zone debt crisis.

However, British ministers are not so sure about the stability of the euro zone. Once thought unthinkable, the break up of euro zone has turned more from idle academic conjecture to something that is more plausible.

British diplomats are being instructed on how to help Britons who are abroad during a possible banking collapse. There is a fear that event rioting may be the result if the debt crisis continues to engulf Europe.

A senior British minister has said that Britain is now preparing for the collapse of the euro on the basis that is just a matter of time.

Diplomats have been told that they need to prepare for social unrest and riots and deal with thousands of British citizens who may not be able to access their bank accounts or withdraw funds.

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