Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neo-Nazis Adopt a Section of Highway

The Cedar Grove Road is located in a rural eastern Delaware and it has become the center for a First Amendment battle. State officials approved a neo-Nazi splinter group's application to adopt a 2-mile portion of the road as part of the state's litter-control programs.

Residents near that stretch of road are upset by the fact that this organization is picking up litter and will have its name on a state road sign. After discussions, the group will not be referred to as the "Nazi Party" but rather the "Freedom Party" on the roadsign. Residents are still upset even with the change.

Edward McBride, III, 24, filed the application with the Delaware Department of Transportation and listed the group's name as the "National Socialist Freedom Movement Nazi Party". The original application was denied stating that the Nazi Party name could be thought as an endorsement by the state of a hate group. McBride offered to change the name to "NSFM88 Nazi Party".

According to DELDOT, they did not deny an individual's request to pick up litter along the roadside. However, since the sign placed at the location belongs to the state, they denied the request to display "Nazi Party" on the it.

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