Saturday, November 12, 2011

Key Findings from the IAEA's Report on Iran's Nuclear Program

The UN's nuclear watchdog organization, IAEA, released its report on Iran's nuclear program. The report shows that Iran is secretly conducting experiments that can only be used to develop a nuclear weapon.

The IAEA reports outlines the following points that have world leaders concerned that Iran is:
  • Secretly procuring design information and equipment needed to develop and build nuclear weapons;
  • Conducting high explosives test and detonator development used in nuclear weapons;
  • Doing computer modeling for the core of a nuclear warhead;
  • Preparing for nuclear weapons testing, and
  • Developing and mounting nuclear warheads on to one of its missile delivery systems, the Shahab 3 intermediate range missile. That missile system has the capability to reach Israel.

Israel has already suspected Iran of these activities and may take action against Iranian nuclear facilities. A senior Foreign Office representative in the British Government revealed that members of its government have been told to expect some sort of military action as early as mid-December or very early in 2012. Sources inside the British Ministry of Defense have confirmed that plans have been completed to support military action should Israel act.

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