Friday, November 11, 2011

Michigan Medicaid Recipients Pay SEIU Union Dues

In 2006, the Democratic governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, has classified in-home health care providers as public employees of the Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3) and must, therefore, be considered as union members.

As union members, $30 per month is taken from their Medicaid check as union dues and given to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Although the health care providers are considered union members and must pay their union dues, they do not receive any benefits from SEIU. Additionally, these individuals do not have the ability to opt out of this program.

So far, this program has provided to SEIU with more than $6 million in dues.

Although Michigan's state house has already passed a bill to prevent this sort of rent-seeking by public-sector unions, it has stalled in the state senate. The Republican governor, Rick Snyder, has already ended a similar scheme to provide unions with new "public employees" in the area of child care.

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