Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sex Attacks and Violent Crimes at "Occupy" Protests

Over a half-dozen assaults have been reported across the nation at "Occupy" protest camps. Sexual assaults have also been reported. Authorities fear that many other crimes are going unreported or being covered up by organizers.

Reports for petty thefts, assaults and general violence are on the rise as more and more protesters are becoming increasingly violent. At the site for the "Occupy San Diego" protest, protesters, angered when free food was no longer available or being handed out, began ransacking and vandalizing food carts and attacking street vendors.

Last night in Portland, Oregon, police responded to a call about a Molotov cocktail being set off near the city's World Trade Center.

In Boston, homeless protesters were removed from Dewey Square when stashes of illegal drugs and knives were discovered.

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