Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sharon Bialek and Celebrity Attorney, Gloria Allred, Make Rounds on Morning Talk Shows

Sharon Bialek, one of the four women who were alleged sexually harassed by GOP presidential front runner, Herman Cain, and her celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred, made their rounds on the talk and news programs.

Last night, Bialek was on with Piers Morgan. This morning she was on with Ann Curry on NBC's Today and on ABC's Good Morning America, George Stephanopolous. Bialek, with Gloria Allred present by her side, has been on most every program with still more appearances to come.

Bialek wants Cain to come clean and tell the truth for the sake of his wife. She wanted to come forward for the women who could not or would not come forward. When asked about her finances, Bialek pointed out that she was in financial trouble due to medical bills after her mother's death and a custody battle for her 13-year-old son.

How can Bialek afford a high-priced celebrity attorney like Gloria Allred when she has financial problems? Allred told Bialek, "I would be proud to take your case pro bono."

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