Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" Protesters Told to Leave Zuccotti Park

At least 70 people were arrested by NYPD after being told to leave the park so that sanitation crews could clean up the park early this morning

Police officers arrived a little after midnight and began handing out eviction notices stating that the protesters need to temporarily leave the park so that sanitation crews could go in and clean up.

The eviction notice stated, "The city has determined that the continued occupation of Zuccotti Park poses an increasing health and fire safety hazard."

It further stated, "We also require that you immediately leave the park on a temporary basis so it can be cleared and restored for its intended use. You will be allowed to return to the park in several hours, when this work is complete. If you decide to return, you will not be permitted to bring tents, sleeping bags, tarps and similar materials with you."
At least 400 police officers stood on all sides of the park. At a little after 2AM, police began to clear the park.

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