Friday, October 14, 2011

Showdown in New York's Zuccotti Park Postponed

Yesterday, Brookfield Office Management employees began serving notice to the protesters camped out for 26 days that having tarps and sleeping bags were prohibited and that they were also creating an interference for others.

Last night, the protesters prepared to move from Zuccotti Park which served as their base of operations to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. In order to stop Mayor Michael Bloomberg from sending in NYPD and the cleaning crews, the protesters marched on city hall to deliver thousands of petition to stop the cities actions.

In response to the new regulations, the Occupy Wall Street protesters asked for support on their website. They asked supporters to come to Zuccotti Park at 6AM this morning to stop the enforcement of the notice. They further stated on their website that if Mayor Bloomberg truly worried about the sanitation and trash, he should have "portopans and dumpsters" brought in. They also wanted their supporters to call 311 demanding that the action be stopped.

In a turn of events this morning, the planned cleanup was postponed. It is also reported that the protesters spent the night cleaning up the area.

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